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                           To keep your system in good working order we recommend you do the following on a regular basis:

 1.Update your anti virus software regularly ,we recommend weekly scans or setup your software to do it for you.

 2. Clean you hard disk regularly using Disk Clean-up to get rid of unwanted files cluttering your system and Defragment your hard drive to               speed up performance of you computer at least once a month( Do Not  Defrag Solid State Drives) . 

3. Back up important data files such as documents, pictures and important data files at least once a month.

4. To help you achieve the above recommendations,we are including the the following three links listed at the bottom of page where you can       download the FREE software to help you maintain and keep your system in top working order.Please keep in mind that we believe in the positive aspects of the software we are recommending and believe it to be important part in helping to maintain computers free of viruses and spyware,we use these same programs on our own systems and those that come into our shop for repairs.We however,do not have any control over the operation of the software and therefore we can't support it or be responsible for any adverse effects that may occur as the result of its use.

5. To speed up performance of your system,use disk cleanup and disk defragment  utilities included in windows,from the start button choose all programs ,accessories,system tools,then disk clean up or disk defragment follow on screen instructions and your all set.